You have four bottles containing unknown solutions. The solutions are:

Posted: December 30th, 2021

1212 SP 2020ONTIFICATIONnounloa DrivDATA ANALYSISName : Tiffany MccloudBinormAPart 1: Acids, Bases and pH IndicatorsCourse CRN: Chem !1Mrs. HumphreyInitial observation of liquids in the tray:Date : 0 3 /05/2020litmost is purple, methlyTable 1: Reaction ColorRed is yellow,Bromothymolblue , isPhenol phthaleinverydarkgreen,LITMUSis clearMETHYL REDBROMOTHYMOLDilute acidHums light HurnsBLUEPHENOL-PHTHALEINred/orangepinkturnsdark redcloudyDilute baseclearno reactionremainsno reaction turnsdarkpurple( golden yelow)dark bluepink / fushiaDI waterno reactionwo reactionno reaction(remainspurplesgoldenyellow(remainpartlyUseSpot Plate-DgreencloudyObservations and conclusions:The litmus only reacts w/AAABwell.dilute acid, of methey red asBromothymol Blue Tums(DIdark red, . with Dilute AcidLY MEBaf turns dark blue w/ billets(recordcolor change base. Phenolighthalein is+base +Acidscloudy w/ dilice acid odark pink w/ Dilute basepartly cloudy w/ DIPhenolphtowin good waterPart 2: pH of Common Household Itemsfor ditecring bases.

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