Write a 2 pages paper on savage inequalities and their impact on the life chances of children.

Posted: March 11th, 2022

Write a 2 pages paper on savage inequalities and their impact on the life chances of children.

Labeling and self-fulfilling prophesy are the other two forms of social inequality in education in the United States. The practice of labeling students as low achievers, gifted or talented based on standardized test scores or class room performance has adverse effects on the educational attainment and subsequent career choices of many students who have been labeled as low achievers or slow learners. Such students are most likely to internalize the label attributed to them and this naturally prevents them from performing naturally. Self-fulfilling prophecy is defined as “an unsubstantiated belief or prediction resulting in behavior that makes the originally false belief come true” (Kendall, p. 358). The tests are very widely used as an authentic criterion to classify and track students based on the IQ score they achieve and this is a classical form of labeling and self-fulfilling prophecy. Rosenthal and Jacobson (1968) intentionally misinformed the teachers about the IQ scores of students in their classes and the experiment by the researchers showed that teachers paid special attention and designed different strategies for the so-called ‘exceptional’ students which resulted in better performance. Thus, categorization of students based on IQ scores is nothing more than labeling. For instance, many African Americans and Mexican Americans are placed in special education classes on the basis of IQ scores whereas their actual problem was language related. Similarly, for many ethnic students who scored low scores in IQ tests were considered as academically poor and the IQ tests have turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy for them. Thus, many sociologists conclude that the educational backwardness of such ethnic minorities occur not because they score low in IQ tests. in fact, the teachers “did not encourage them or give them an opportunity to overcome the language barriers or other educational barriers” (Kendall, p. 358-359). Thus, it is high time that researches and studies focused more on the impact of linguistic, cultural and educational biases on IQ scores and the students of color should never be labeled or subjected to self-fulfilling prophecies.

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