World War I

Posted: January 3rd, 2022

Why did the U.S. become involved in World War I and is it related to its growing power as an Empire?

Use essay format;
1. Introduction – Explain your position. What do you think about the topic?
Respond to the questions
2. Body of Essay – Back up your arguments. Use information from the book, and your own critical thinking.
3. Conclusion – Restate your position and explain ow the evidence you put forward reinforces your position. Why are you right?

# Expect to use multiple examples from Foner to reinforce your arguments. No outside resources should benecessary. If using quotations from Foner use the following format:
“Quotation from Foner” (Foner, p.51)

#Write clearly and correctly. Be sure to re-read your paper before hitting print.
Do not spell-check without re-reading. ‘

#the text is “Give me Liberty!” by Eric Foner 4th edition
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