World history since 1945

Posted: January 3rd, 2022

You are asked to write a paper about the decolonization movements in the Third World from the 1950’s to the 1970s. Please choose one of the following four leaders/movements as your research focus: Sukarno and Indonesia, Nkrumah and Ghana, and Nehru and India, and Allende Gossens and Chile. You are asked to choose from the four because the four leaders and the movements under their leaderships are not treated in detail in our textbook, and they are not taught in details in the classroom. However, they are very important to our understanding of the histories of those nations and the affairs taking place in Asia, Africa, and Latin America today.

Included in your paper should be:

Brief description of the life of the leader you choose, focusing on why he, to some extent, chose socialism or even communism as their anti-colonial ideology;
Representation of the conflict between the colonial power and the colonized people;
Analysis of the attitude of the USA government toward the independent/modernization movement and its leader(s);
Evaluation of the progress of the involved nation after its independence from the colonialism;
Speculation about the lessons we might learn from the decolonization movement: what lessons the Westerners might learn, and what lessons the peoples of the Third World countries might learn. Meanwhile, you are asked to find out what role the USA played in the country’s independence movement.
It is obvious that you must do quite a lot of research into the topic you choose. You must read proper original sources and secondary representation in one or more academic books. The paper must be written by you, and ought not to be printed from the Internet/Wikipedia. The paper should be typed by font 12 and double space standard, about six-seven pages in length, and with page of reference or “Work-Cited”.

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