what I have to add to fill out the blank spaces I don’t know how to

Posted: March 11th, 2022

what I have to add to fill out the blank spaces I don’t know how to

LABORATORY REPORTPhototrophs: Algae and CyanobacteriaLab Section:PURPOSE We observed prepared slides of an amoebaproteus and spirogung under the microscope .EXPECTED RESULTS1. Will more phototrophs be found in the dark sample or in the light sample? light Simple2. Which sample will have more algae: the water sample with the high phosphate and nitrate, or the sample withno additional nitrate or phosphate? Hian phospoets and nitrate3. Do you expect to see more algae in the water sample with copper or in the sample with no copper? _Sample that Contain water with no copper.RESULTSRelative Abundance in Pond WaterName or Sketch AlgaIncubated with NO3-or CyanobacteriumIncubated in LightIncubated in Darkand PO3Incubated with CuSO4AnabaenaGenerousNoneGenerousNoneoscillatorglargeMinimelargeMinimelDiatomsAmplemoderateAmpleModerateChlorophytsHeavyLightHeavyLightEuglenozoalargeMinimelargeMinimelTotal number ofspeciesTotal number oforganismsWhich sample is the control?

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