week 3

Posted: March 3rd, 2022

week 3

Nonverbal communication is an important topic to discuss as people communicate with each other in many different ways.
Part 1:
For this discussion, you are asked to start a discussion with someone that you do not know (you may discuss music choices, movies, current events, restaurants in the area, or anything which seems appropriate at the time). Ideas for beginning a conversation with a stranger: someone at a church/religious center/ethical event; someone at a family member’s sporting or performance event; or someone standing in line at a coffee shop or at the grocery store. While speaking takes note of the person’s non-verbal communication. First, speak to them from a distance, but eventually move closer to the person to the point where you are almost touching. 
Note: If you do not feel safe or comfortable engaging a stranger in impromptu conversation, please use this alternate assignment:
For this discussion, you are asked to observe the physical space and nonverbal communication patterns of strangers in a public space (grocery store line, coffee shop, playground, sporting or musical event). Find a space with multiple people and observe for at least 20 minutes. Take notes and choose 1-3 primary individuals to observe. Do they speak to anyone? How often do they speak? How often do they move positions? Do they touch anyone? How do the people with whom they are interacting respond? What do their facial expressions and body language tell you about their mood and comfort? What other ingredients for effective communication are impacting the setting (noise, silence, temperature, level of crowdedness, organization of the group, how space is set up)? Use this prompt to answer Part 2 of the Discussion, and then move on to Part 3.
Part 2:  
Answer the following: 

Was there any position that you felt very uncomfortable communicating in? Why or why not?
Was the person that you spoke to interested in having a discussion? How do you know?  What nonverbal cues did he/she exhibit?
When you tried to communicate that you were actively listening to the person’s reply, what nonverbal cues did you use? Do you think they effectively communicated your (genuine) interest?
What did this person do during the conversation that caused you to believe your nonverbal communication of interest was effective (or ineffective)?

Part 3:
Why is knowing and understanding nonverbal communication important? Analyze breakdowns in nonverbal communication and recommend improvements.

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