The background and significance (B&S) module

Posted: September 13th, 2022

The background and significance (B&S) module

Fall preventions
• Summary: The background and significance (B&S) module is used to establish the significance of your proposed project. It provides an opportunity to put it into context, addressing three key areas—1. project background, 2. the current literature and 3. gaps in the existing body of knowledge. In the B&S introduce your clinical problem/topic and the clinical context that led you to identify your clinical question. You will explore the relevant background literature and theory related to your group’s topic, and discuss its relevance to your local clinical setting at the unit, organizational, metropolitan, state, national, and international levels as applicable. You will discuss the potential benefits and challenges of addressing the clinical topic in your local setting, and explore the larger contextual impact related to this problem.

Directions: Why is the work important

1. Describe the background leading to your proposal topic. Briefly explain what you have observed in current trends of your RN practice that leads you to further exploration. (You will have the opportunity to provide a more detailed description of your preliminary work in the next section.)
2. Background Literature: provide a critical evaluation of existing knowledge as it pertains to the proposal topic. The search for background literature does not have to be exhaustive, but must be sufficiently thorough to convince reviewers that you are up to date on the state of the field. Demonstrate that you are familiar with your field, that you understand it and that you have a balanced knowledge of it. Cite recent literature and, if appropriate, indicate your awareness of any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the literature. A minimum of 3 citations are required for this section.
topic is fall prevention

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