Strategic plan for your future

Posted: September 13th, 2022

Strategic plan for your future

Extra Credit. For a maximum of 10 additional points, write a strategic plan for your future using your career as the context. Include the following plan components: Vision: Describe a point in your future where you have achieved all of your career objectives. Do a SWOT Analysis: Treat yourself as if you were a company. Strategy: Clearly describe your strength ? opportunity strategy. Include a timeline.
This extra credit is designed for those students who should be at the next higher grade level but for some reason lost a few extra points and fell to the lower level, in other words, those with scores at or passed the mid-point � a 65 or higher, a 75 or higher, or an 85 or higher. Criteria:
1. Format: 10-20 pages, 1-inch margins, single-space, size 12 font in Times New Roman.
2. Thoroughness: Don�t just state. Explain! Use the strategic plan development criteria from the syllabus. 3. Identify how much, who said, so what for your SWOT, i.e., Where did you get your information?
4. Label all SWOT components and graph all trends.
Grades will range from a minimum of 7 points to a maximum of 10 points. Grades failing to reach at least 7 points will be worth 0, i.e., worthless.

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