Quantum physics fill-in-the-blank question. This is a practice question we have for a real assignment, I’m not

Posted: December 30th, 2021

A) Quantities for use in completing table B) De?nition of other quantities in the table Momentum, 33 Wavelength, A Hamiltonian, H Group Velocity, n9 = 81/ /6(1 /,) Velocity, ‘0 Phase Velocity, up = )wRatio of Hamiltonian to momentum, H/p Flux of Particles per Second, IEnergy, E Probability Density, PCB)Intensity or Brightness B Fundamental Unit of Charge, 6Current Density J Planck’s Constant, hC) Electrons D) Photonsh /) = h/A =hu = hr! =Up = — Up = —(—e)I’P = (ht/)I’P = Table 3: A) Classical quantities for completing the table, B) De?nition of other quantities in thetable, C) Table of correspondences of the electron for you to complete, D) Table of correspondencesfor the photon for you to complete. 2.2 Correspondences [15 pts] Complete Table 3C and Table 3D using only quantities from Table 3A. Rules: You need not use all quantities from Table 3A and you may have to use the same quantitymore than once even in the same part of the table. You are not allowed to make new combinations of the quantities in Table 3A in forming your answers.

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