Project questions

Posted: March 3rd, 2022

Project questions

Now that you’ve completed writing project 4, take a few moments and think back on the challenges you faced as you worked on this assignment.
Then write in response to the following prompts:
1. When you first read the assignment prompt, what things concerned you most about this project?
2. When you began planning your multimedia piece, how did you first expect to complete that component of the assignment? How did your thinking on it change as your moved through the assignment process?
3. Thinking back on your Writing Project 4 assignment as a whole, what would you do differently if you were given the opportunity to start over from scratch?
4. As you think back on your earlier work from the semester, what things stood out to you as positive or negative about your class participation, writing process, and completed projects? How did your effort and choices on those earlier assignments affect how you approached writing project 4?
5. What tips do you have for future students working on this project?

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