poisoned water

Posted: September 13th, 2022

poisoned water

Extra Credit Activity

Watch the following video entitled “Poisoned Waters”:


The program consists of 13 videos or “chapters” and is approximately 2 hours long.

A) Prepare a 2-3 page outline of the video that summarizes its content.

B) Prepare a 2-3 page discussion (double spaced) of how what you have learned in PLSC 170 relates to the issues raised in the video. Your discussion should particularly focus on the topics of nutrient management, soil erosion, and soil pollution.

DUE DATE: Items A and B must be submitted by midnight Friday 5/23/14. Your submissions should be
e-mailed to xxxxxxx@udel.edu Please submit your work as one document named as “’your last name’ EC.doc”

POINT VALUE: Up to 4 points (depending on the quality of your submission) will be added to your
final overall percentage grade for the course.


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