Please help with these physics problems!! Thank you very much for your time :)

Posted: December 30th, 2021

1 . A 100 – turn coil with an average radius of 0. 04 mm is placed in a uniform magnetic field so that$ = 609. The strength of the field increases at a rate of 0. 250′ I’s . What is the magnitude of theresulting cut !20.500 V*90.251V2. A circular coil of wire has 300 turns and an average radius of 2. 00 cm . The coil is placed at aGO” angle to the uniform magnetic field between the two poles of’ a large electromagnet . Thestrength of the field changes at a rate of – 1.300 I’s . What is the magnitude of the resultinginduced ent !”GOOGTV90.052 V90.098 V3. What is the role of a commutator in an electric generator ? (‘ 1 point ;It carries electric current from the generator to the load .OIt causes the conf to vary sinusoidally .O It maintains a constant sign for the conf .It maintains a uniform and constant magnetic field .

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