Please help with thee physics homework questions.. Thank you for your time!!!

Posted: December 30th, 2021

8. An object is placed at point P in front of a plane mirror as shown. How will the magnitude of (1 point)the image distance change if the object is moved to the left, which is farther away from themirror? 0 It will decrease.Olt will remain the same.Q It will increase. 9, A candle is placed in front of a plane mirror, The calculated value of m, the lateral (I point)magni?cation, is positive. What does the positive sign indicate about the image? OThe image is enlarged. OThe image is on the same side of the mirror as the object.OThe image is erect. OThe image distance is greater than the object distance. 10. Abook is 9.26 cm tall and placed 22.7 cm to the left of a plane mirror. What is the height of (1 point)the image formed by the mirror? 04.63 cm0 18.5 cm02.45 cm09.26 cm

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