Please help with physics hw! Thank you so much for your time

Posted: December 30th, 2021

5. A light source is directed toward a single slit. The light passes through the slit and forms a(1 point)diffraction pattern on a screen. The distance from the slit to the screen is R and the verticaldistance of the mth dark band from the center of the pattern is ym. Which approximation mustbe made to equate ym to RyaOtan 0 = 0Ocos 0 = 0Of=0Osin 0 = 16. Which term is another name for Fraunhofer diffraction? (1 point)Omagnetic field diffractionOfar-field diffractionObright spot diffractionOpinhole diffraction7. Monochromatic light from a distant source is incident on a slit with a width of 0.750 mm. On a (1 point)screen 2.00 m away, the distance from the central maximum of the diffraction pattern to thefirst minimum is measured to be 1.35 mm. What is the wavelength of the light?O101 nm506 nmO1012 nm675 nm

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