Please help me with these following physics I questions! Thank you so much

Posted: December 30th, 2021

A counterweight of mass m = 5.00 kg is attached to a light cord that is wound around a pulley as shown in the ?gure below. The pulley is a thin hoop ofradius R = 7.00 cm and mass M = 1.30 kg. The spokes have negligible mass. (a) What is the net torque on the system about the axle of the pulley?magnitude N – mdirection —Select-— (b) when the countemeight has a speed v, the pulley has an angular speed a) = v/R. Determine the magnitude of the total angular momentumof the system about the axle of the pulley.( k9 ‘ m)V (c) Using your result from (b) and 7r“ = dE/dt, calculate the acceleration of the counterweight. (Enter the magnitude of the acceleration.)2 m/s Need Help? i i A particle of mass m moves in the xy plane with a velocity of 3 = V} + vyj‘. Determine the angular momentum of the particle about the origin when itsposition vector is P) = xi‘ + yj‘.(Use the following as necessary: x, y, Vx, vy, and m.) Need Help? i

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