I need help understanding this applied statistics practice promblem, thank you

Posted: December 30th, 2021

8.1.33 i. Question Help i} In a clinical trial of a drug intended to help people stop smelting. 127 subjects were treated with the drug for 12 weeks, and 10 subjects experienced abdominal pain. If someone claims that morethan 8% of the drug’s users experience abdominal pain, that claim is supported with a hypothesis test conducted with a 0.05 signi?cance level. Using 0.18 as an alternative value of p, the power of the test is 0.95. Interpret this value of the power of the test. The power of 0.95 shows that there is a ‘34: chance of rejecting the l hypothesis of p = when the true proportion is actually . That is. if the proportion of users who experience abdominal pain is actually , then there is a “it: chance of supporting the claim that the proportion of users who experience abdominal pain is (Type integers or decimals. Do not round.) V than 0.08.

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