Hi,I need HELP with these questions. It’s about organic chemistry.

Posted: December 30th, 2021

1Z. …… ? .f.. ._ 7′. IIII’ll-I- Ini-I‘IIIII- In“. 3 I… O ‘i FI III-III– ‘.?llm I.lllr.II…III-P I—EP“En. III-II ..‘IIIIGIIIIr?l. 4l—f’IIIIPI III-IIII…III-‘4 I.laIII-lIII-l4III-IIII. mmmmwmmmo 2 2 1 ‘7,IA“ If 08 0.6 0.7 II.r allll05 Composition {mole fraction of compound A} l!-Ill’Ill 04 T03 all .!II”0 1 O 2 Compound A-oompound 3 phase dlegrarn at 1 atmosphere n: 2:33:th 8 340C@ 25C@ 100C@ 32C Please use the graph directly below. What is the boiling point, in °C, of Question 1compound A?

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