Hi, these are math 307 differential questions, I am stuck with these can anyone help me?

Posted: December 30th, 2021

3. +-/9 pointsMy NotesIn each of the questions below, hanging a mass m from a spring stretches the spring L meters from its unloaded length. Calculate the spring constant k, write the differential equation that governs the motion of the undamped mass-spring system, and find the solution that satisfies the initialconditions specified. Units are mks; gravitational constant is 9.8 m/s2.m = 0.5 kg and L = 2.4500metersInitial displacement is 0.9 and initial velocity is 1k =kg/sx” +X =0x(t)m = 0.3 kg andL = 1.0889 metersInitial displacement is 0.6 and initial velocity is 0.1k =kg/s-x” +X = 0x(t) =m = 0.4 kgandL = 0.3920 metersInitial displacement is 0.4 and initial velocity is 0.6K =kg/s2x” +X = 0x(t) =+-/6 pointsMy NotesA 6 kg mass is attached to a spring with spring constant 1 Nt/m.What is the frequency of the simple harmonic motion?radians/secondWhat is the period?secondsSuppose the mass is displaced 0.8 meters from its equilibrium position and released from rest. What is the amplitude of the motion?metersSuppose the mass is released from the equilibrium position with an initial velocity of 0.6 meters/sec. What is the amplitude of the motion?metersSuppose the mass is is displaced 0.8 meters from the equilibrium position and released with an initial velocity of 0.6 meters/sec.of the mmetersWhat is the maximum velocity?m/s

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