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Posted: December 30th, 2021

5-13. Challenge problem. Richards and Willard determined the atomic mass of lithium andcollected the following data. Experiment (a) Find the mean atomic mass determined by those workers. (b) Find the median atomic mass. (c) Assuming that the currently accepted value for the atomic mass of lithium is the true value,calculate the absolute error and the percent relative error of the mean value determined byRichard and Willard. (d) Find in the chemical literature at least three values for atomic mass of lithium determinedsince 1910 and arrange them chronologically in a table or spreadsheet along with the valuessince 1817 given in the table on page 10 ofthe pa per by Richards and Willard. Construct agraph of atomic mass versus year to illustrate how the atomic mass of lithium has changedover the past two centuries. Suggest possible reason(s) why the value changes abruptly inabout 1830. (e) The incredibly detailed experiments described by Richards and Willard suggest that it isunlikely that major changes in the atomic mass of lithium will occur. Discuss this assertion inlight of your calculation in part c. (f) What factors have led to changes in atomic mass since 1910? (g) How would you determine the accuracy of an atomic mass?

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