Hi, Can you please answer all 3 question asked by the question?

Posted: December 30th, 2021

5.18 The following processes are being scheduled using a preemptive,priority—based, round—robin scheduling algorithm. Process Priority Burst ArrivalP1 8 15 0P2 3 20 0P3 4 20 20P4 4 20 25P5 5 5 45P6 5 15 55 Each process is assigned a numerical priority, with a higher number indi-cating a higher relative priority. The scheduler will execute the highest—priority process. For processes with the same priority, a round-robinscheduler will be used with a time quantum of 10 units. If a process ispreempted by a higher—priority process, the preempted process is placedat the end of the queue. a. Show the scheduling order of the processes using a Gantt chart.b. What is the turnaround time for each process? c. What is the waiting time for each process?

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