Posted: March 3rd, 2022


NO PLAGARISM!!!! Please follow instructions carefully. You are to choose only one of the scenarios from the list below. Please specify which one you are choosing.  In Unit VIII, you are required to submit a management action plan (MAP).   Instructions for this assignment can be found by viewing the Unit VIII   assignment instructions below. Additionally, you can click here to view an example of a completed MAP. Your MAP can be   either a “real-world” management problem within your own healthcare  organization  or one of the scenarios shown below. For this assignment, please  present a  one-paragraph summary of the problem to your instructor for approval  by  submitting it here in Blackboard. Your paragraph will describe the scenario  as  well as the reason why you believe a MAP is warranted for this scenario.

Deciding on for-profit, not-for-profit, or public status for your      hospital
Managing third-party payer relationships in health care
Implementing Healthy People 2020 standards in your community
Implementing evidence-based medicine in your hospital
Implementing CMS quality initiatives in your hospital
Developing a workplace safety plan for your hospital
Implementing telehealth services in your facility
Conducting a complete risk assessment for your facility
Developing an accountable care organization for your organization
Developing a marketing plan for your healthcare facility   

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