Hello! Please help explain these simple chemistry questions, i do

Posted: December 30th, 2021

10. Which is not a conjugate acid-base pair?[1 mark]A. HNO 3 and NO3B. CH3 COOH and CH3 COOC. H30 * and OHD. HSO and SO 1211. The pH of a solution changes from pH = 2 to pH = 5. What happens to [1 mark]the concentration of the hydrogen ions during this pH change?A. It decreases by a factor of 1000B. It increases by a factor of 1000C. It decreases by a factor of 100D. It increases by a factor of 10012. What is the conjugate base of H2CO3 according to the Bronsted-Lowry [1 mark]theory?A. CO3B. HCO3C. H3 CO3D. CO213. Which species behave as Bronsted-Lowry acids in the following reversible [1 mark]reaction?H2POT (aq) + CN-(aq) – HCN(aq) + HPO? (aq)A.HCN and CN-B. HCN and HPO?C. H2PO and HPO?D. HCN and H2PO14. What is the formula of the conjugate base of the hydrogenphosphate ion, [1 mark]HPO ?A. H2POAB. H3PO4C. HPOAD. POS15. Which are definitions of an acid according to the Bronsted-Lowry and[1 mark]Lewis theories?Bronsted-LowrytheoryLewis theoryAproton donorelectron pair acceptorBproton acceptorelectron pair acceptorC.proton acceptorelectron pair donorDproton donorelectron pair donor

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