fashion and its fascination with size

Posted: September 13th, 2022

fashion and its fascination with size

Fashion and its fascination with size.

Project Brief:
You are to explore and analyze reports that indicate the changing shape of women consumers of all ages. Is the retail high street supporting that change or choosing to ignore it. By way of a conclusion give your thoughts on suggested next steps for your chosen retailer.

A) Primary Research
Give written feedback of the profile / image of the brand as seen by the customer… positive and negative feedback should be discussed on all elements of the Marketing Mix. Do this as a snap shot.
Summarize in a SWOT analysis. This will be based on your personal observation due to time constraints

B) Secondary Research, using: Mintel;; Journals; Industry News Articles and Academic Literature.
Give written evidence of research on Market Share, Company Performance and Company Strategy adopted by the Retailer, in the past, present and proposed future.

c) Discuss and assess the company’s current market position and competitive advantage. Would the inclusion of an extended size range prove to be a market advantage to your chosen retailer.

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