Discuss two independent experiments

Posted: December 30th, 2021

3. Consider the reaction scheme shown below.+SN1 or SN2NucSubstitution Product(S)solventsingle enantiomerrate(optically active)Discuss two independent experiments you could do in a typical undergraduate lab toexperimentally determine which type of substitution reaction took place. Be specific and brieflyexplain how each experiment would be able to provide you with the information necessary todetermine this. In other words, what outcomes do you expect from your experimental design. Theexperiments could also include an instrumental technique. Your answer should not be somethingalong the lines of simply saying to “check (R) and (S)”. Each experiment should have at least twoparallel reactions that you are describing. Make sure to include any instrumentation you wouldneed to analyze products in order to decide which substitution product is taking place and what theanalysis would be expected to tell you.

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