Create a personal theory related to Nursing filed

Posted: March 3rd, 2022

Create a personal theory related to Nursing filed

Note: Please make sure, answer all the points asked in the questions. 
While answering a question no. 1, write no. 1 in the front then start writing the answers. 
1. Select the definition of the term “Theory” which best fits your personal career goal. Using space beneath the last definition marked with *** give 3 reasons WHY you believe it aligns with your future career choice. Be sure to include your intended career as well as the definition you select.
( ex..I plan to work in the field of ???..The definition I select is “Theories help to explain why people behave the way they do….I believe this theory is aligned with my career because….1..2..3..)
Practice theory links knowledge about an identified problem and its’ context with knowledge about an intervention with a conceptual format that is oriented towards action and rooted in previous research. 
Theories pertain to explaining and predicting various aspects of human behaviors. 
Theories help to explain why people behave as they do, to better understand how the environment affects 
behavior, to guild their interventions, and to predict what is likely to be the result of a particular intervention. 
A theory helps to explain a situation and perhaps, how it came about. 
Theories are particular ways of making sense. They help to see regularities and familiar patterns in the muddle of practice.  
A theory is a systematic set of interrelated statements intended to explain some aspect of social life or enrich our sense of how people conduct and find meaning in their daily lives. 
***Respond here
2. Provide a personal example of a time when you encountered or experienced ONE of these theories in question 2.  What was the situation? Were you actively involved OR did you observe it in progress? How were you affected..OR how was the person you were observing affected?
3. Consider working with populations that are considered to be “minority or under-represented” in some way, rather by race, ethnicity, religion, language, age, gender, sexuality or able impaired. Give three reasons why you should be knowledgeable of theories that are culturally relevant and what are some downfalls or consequences of lacking such knowledge? You may give examples of culturally based theories.

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