Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses introduction to comparative politics.

Posted: March 11th, 2022

Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses introduction to comparative politics.

Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses introduction to comparative politics. The runoff is going to be done soon to come up with a president elected by the majority. The US citizens will elect their president by the end of this year.&nbsp. The process of electing the United States president is provided in the US constitution. Three amendments to the constitution have changed the presidential election process. The introduction of additional processes in the constitution has improved the process of electing the US president (Nelson and Polsby, 2011, p. 73). The United States presidential elections take place every four years during the first Tuesday of November. The presidential term lasts for four years, and the elected president stays in office for two terms. To be elected as a US president, a person must be 35years and over, must be a US citizen by birth and must have stayed for at least 14 years in the United States. Interested candidates announce their interest in running for the presidency of the United States one year before the elections. Political parties in the United States have the mandate to choose their desired presidential candidate. Selecting a presidential candidate can be done either through delegate votes. The person who gets the majority votes from the delegates is declared the party’s presidential candidate (Kevin and Coleman, 2001, p. 75).The selection of delegates from different states involves either the use of primary elections or a caucus system. The selected delegates later go to the party’s national convention to elect their party’s presidential candidate. The Democratic and the Republican political parties have rules of nominating a presidential candidate. The interested presidential candidates have the role of choosing their running mates (Kevin and Coleman, 2001, p. 77). The proper selection of a running mate ensures that the candidate gets enough votes from the delegates. In United States history, the running mate is&nbsp.viewed as an attack dog, which attacks the opponent. After the presidential candidate is nominated successfully at the conventions, national campaigns begin, and presidential candidates meet the US citizens and urge them to vote for them.&nbsp.

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