Compose a 500 words assignment on observation journal#3. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Posted: December 30th, 2021

Compose a 500 words assignment on observation journal#3. Needs to be plagiarism free! Observation Journal #3 EDES 5401 Alanoud Alrasheed 11/8/14 Childs Avery Age: Three years old Observers Alanoud Alrasheed
Areas of development: Avery expresses social-emotional development, changes in temperament, self-esteem, shows intellectual development, communicates and plays.
Anecdotic Note:
For the third time, I went back to the childcare where I made another observation about Avery. When I entered the class Avery shouted my name, ‘Alanoud! ‘Yes Avery, I replied. ‘Weycome, he said. Another older child said, ‘He is saying welcome. I then replied, ‘Thank you. It seems. Avery was able to recognize me this time. The teachers were making the children sit in their respective spots as they prepare to go out to the playground. When they were all out in the playground, I took my chair at my usual observation place and begun observing Avery. Avery approached a structure meant for them to play inside and climb, that was in the playground and tried to climb in it with difficulties. ‘Teacher! Teacher! he shouted looking at the teacher who was with other children inside the structure. The teacher then pulled Avery up and finally he was in the structure. Avery started jumping on the play structure as he falls down. He was jumping as he is shouting and laughing at the same time. I have observed that Avery does not take much time on a particular place for long, but he keeps running up and down touching one thing and another within a short time. Avery saw another child leave the play structure and go to the slide that was just beside the structure. Avery then went out of the play structure and ran very fast towards the slide. He suddenly stopped near the climbing staircases of the slide. He was keenly looking at the staircases and other children as they climbed one by one to the slide. He then stepped on the first staircase with his right foot. Seeing that it was stable, Avery began climbing up the slide faster as there was another child coming after him. When Avery reached the top, and now it was time for him to slide down, he got afraid and refused to slide down. He blocked the way for the other children who were enjoying themselves in the slide. Avery then moved on one side of the slide, paving way for the other children to pass and slide themselves down. Avery sat up there looking at his fellow children slide with a lot if ease. He was cheering them up one by one as they were going down the slide. Avery suddenly lost the grip of the walls of the slide as he was clapping his hands to cheer the other children. Avery began sliding down unknowingly. ‘Huuuu! Huuuuu! he shouted as he was going down the slide. When he was down the slide, Avery began running away from the slide area, towards his teacher. ‘Teacher, poop, Avery told his teacher. ‘Ooh, you want to poop? ‘Yes, replied Avery. ‘Then follow me, said the teacher to Avery. The teacher realized that Avery wanted to go to the toilet. Therefore, she took Avery there. When Avery returned, he ran so fast to the tap and begun washing his hands. After washing his hands, Avery began to wipe his hands on his cloths. The teacher soon came after him and gave him a handkerchief and told him to be using it to wipe his hands after washing them and not to use his cloths again. Before it was long, the teacher ordered the children to get back to the class as play time was over.

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