Compose a 4000 words assignment on the internet and e-business. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Posted: December 30th, 2021

Compose a 4000 words assignment on the internet and e-business. Needs to be plagiarism free! Factors, which might hinder communication between people in different countries, are language. It is evident that a person from Australia and a person from Portugal cannot communicate. Nevertheless, internet has come to rescue situation where language becomes a communication. Through internet, such people can translate the language communicated. Therefore, the translated language makes it easier for the people to understand each other. Other than making communication easy, internet has made business more effective internationally. Businesspersons involve internet in their activities in a process commonly known as e-business. E-business is an acronym of electronic name. Therefore, executives involve electronic gadgets in their business activities. Through e-business, executives can engage consumers from all over the world. E-business has enlarged the scope of business activities both nationally and internationally. Just like a normal business organization, e-business online is not easy to manage. It requires hard work and persistent in order to manage all activities taking place. Statistics has that e-business online is sometimes difficult to manage more than the normal business organization. Moreover, people participating in e-business online pass through many challenges compared to organization managers from normal business organization. All e-business online business has different purposes and responsibility. Nevertheless, they rely on a similar platform to pass information to consumer. They all require a website. Unfortunately, creating a suitable is not easy. it requires time and dedication before establishing a website, which will satisfy the intended consumer. A website is a collection of pages and events in a single entity service single or multi purposes on the internet

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