Compose a 3750 words assignment on principle of fashion marketing. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Posted: December 30th, 2021

Compose a 3750 words assignment on principle of fashion marketing. Needs to be plagiarism free! The essay “Principle of Fashion Marketing” concerns the fashion marketing. The growth history of the Louis Vuitton has been awarded with the reward of world’s most valuable luxury brand for the six consecutive years from 2006 to 2012. The recognition as world’s most luxury brand has also enabled the company to gain high market valuation. The market valuation of the Louis Vuitton was about 25.9 billion USD in the year 2012. The underlying essay aims at analysing brand position of Louis Vuitton. The brand analysis of the company will be done in accordance with the stepwise framework of PEST analysis, MICRO analysis, market segmentation, target market strategy, etc. The marketing mix of the company will also be presented in order to specific ideas regarding product, pricing, place and promotional strategy being adopted by the company. The assessment of branding and marketing perspective of the company in light of the above mentioned frameworks will facilitate in identifying challenges likely to incur in the next three years and solutions in the form of recommendations to handle such challenges. PEST analysis is the most widely adopted tool of performing macro environment analysis of the company. PEST analysis represents the acronym of political, economic, legal and technological analysis of the concerned company. This dimension of PEST analysis takes into consideration political structure, stability and regulating or governing philosophy behind respective government. France is one of the developed country. with stable political environment. The political atmosphere of the country is favourable with no political trouble, crisis, conflict or any adverse situation. The favourable political climate has attracted many investors to invest money in the Louis Vuitton expansion strategies. The establishment of any business operation in the France requires a fixed investment limit of 1500000 Euros (France Country Report, 2011). The fixed investment limit act as a obstacle for many international enterprises. But, France government has tried to convert this obstacle into opportunity by announcing various tax saving schemes to business organisations of France. Moreover, France government also do not hold any strict religious belief and customs and thus facilitates the entry of every business enterprise having any religious background and customs. The favourable political conditions have facilitated the Louis Vuitton to a wide extent in carrying the business operations and pursuing international expansion strategies in France without any difficulty. Economic Economic conditions and factors also play a significant role in determining success of any business operation. The economic variables take into account inflation and interest rates, unemployment condition, Gross domestic product (GDP), and many more. The GDP rate of France was being considered as stronger in the year 2011 with the surprising growth of about 1.85%. The economy of France was considered as fifth largest in the world and second largest in the Europe. It is also being recognised as one of the wealthiest European country and world’s fourth largest wealthiest nation. The aggregate household wealth of the economy was about 2.6 million dollar in the year 2012 demonstrating growth history of France (France Country Report, 2011).

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