Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Pick from a list of books to choose from.

Posted: December 30th, 2021

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Pick from a list of books to choose from. The house and the compound he lives in is very large and spacious, and the grounds are beautifully laid out with orchards and gardens. Buck has lived a good life for good part of his in splendor. There are other many dogs like Curl, Spitz, Dave, Billie and Joe amongst others but Buck is above them all. He is like a king over where he stays, he believes in himself the benign master of everyone, including his humans. He is an animal with human-like tendencies, intelligence, strength and dignity.
The life of the dog changes since, a gardeners helper had numerous debts and managed to steal the big animal Buck and sell him to get the money to offset his debts. He is given to a saloon-keeper and transported via train to the Northland. Buck struggled for escape from his kidnappers and managed to badly bite one of his kidnappers. The dog was subjected to withstand the cold, beating by his kidnapper, going for long miles without food are all harassment the dog went through. Interestingly Buck does not want to be viewed as a domestic dog but likes to rule over the people and his fellow dogs in the new place. Due to the human nature of the dog, Buck starts experiencing strange dreams about the primitive days of dogs and men, before the advent of cities or houses or culture. Buck becomes involved in a tussle of power struggle with his fellow dog, Spitz. This tussle ends up to a fight where Buck wins and takes dominion over other dog team. The old team seem not to be good people and everyone is killed save for Buck who was rescued by a kind man named John Thornton, moments before the group death in an icy river. Buck becomes attached to Thornton and even saves his life several times. Buck sets off on a journey with his new master proud and enjoying his new life. However, Buck needed to run off and kill things in the woods everyone in a while.

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