Can someone please help with my computer science homework !

Posted: March 11th, 2022

Can someone please help with my computer science homework !

learn.zybooks.comC2.5. Numeric types: Floating-pointHomework Help – Q&A from Online Tutors – Course HeroAcademic Resources Workshops – Intermediate PageGrades – CS-200-Q4055 Computer Sci Role in Industry 20E…=zyBooks My library > CS 200: Computer Science’s Role in Industry home > 2.5: Floating-pointzyBooks catalog? Help/FAQ Rachel SandeCHALLENGEACTIVITY2.5.1: Painting a wall.350 square feet requires 1 gallon of paint. Assign gallons_paint with the amount of paint required for wall_area. Sample output forthe given program:250.0 square feet wall will need:0. 714285714286 gallons of paintwall_area = 250.0Ugallons_paint = 0.01 testpassed” Your solution goes here “All testspassedprint(wall_area, ‘square feet wall will need:”)print(gallons_paint, ‘gallons of paint’)RunView your last submission vFeedback?

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