Business Finance

Posted: March 3rd, 2022

Business Finance

Option 1

Research and review the literature associated with Asian or Gulf based Women Small Business owners. Develop questions based on the information collected from the journal articles/academic sources. Interview a female small business owner. Critically analyse the information gathered. Structure could be as follows:

1. Faculty of Business Assignment Coversheet (appropriately signed)

2. Introduction

4. Literature review: students are required to conduct an intensive review on the current literature (academic journal articles) on female small business owners. Critically analyse them.

5. Critically analyse the information gathered through primary data (i.e. interview a woman small business owner).

6. Conclusion and Recommendations: based on the analysis, outline possible solutions to encourage more business women to start a business.

7.List of References

Marking Criteria


Review the academic journal articles on female business owners

/ 30%

Critically review the problems and advantages on women business owners

/ 25%

Interview one small business owner; the questions should be based on the journal review. Critically analyse the small business owner’s response with reference to the information presented in the journal article.

/ 30%

Structure of the essay

/ 5%

Reference list

/ 10%


/ 100%

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