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Posted: December 30th, 2021

A fourth grade class is studying the environment. One of their projects isto grow bean plants in 3 different soils. 100 plants each are planted in soil mixed with dryer lint, soil mixed with fertilizer and soil with nothingadded. At the end of the growing period, 5 plants from each soil typewere measured (in inches) producing the data in the table below. We will test the claim that there is no difference in mean bean plant heightamong each of the 3 soil types using a 5% signi?cance level. (Assumethat independent samples were drawn from normal populations withequal variances.) Soil with Dryer Lint Soil with Fertilizer Plain Soil 23 18 2129 19 2625 23 2724 1919 14 The Model is One Factor ANOVA. Complete the Missing Values of theANOVA table. Round values to 2 decimal places where needed. Source of Sum of Squares Degrees of Mean Square valueVariation Freedom . MS p-Factor 27 Error(Within——-

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