A nurse is interviewing a client in order to obtain a

Posted: December 30th, 2021

1. In which of the following situations would a nurse complete a focused assessment?B.A. A 25-year-old patient admitted for elective rhinoplastyA 12-year-old starting summer sports campC. A 64-year-old complaining of shortness of breathD.A new employee who requires a pre-employment physical examination2. A nurse is interviewing a client in order to obtain a comprehensive health history. Thepurpose of a review of systems in the health history is toA.B.identify actual health problemsC.determine the cause of current health problemsvalidate current symptomsidentify current and past health problems3.While conducting an interview with an adult client a nurse uses open-ended questions inorder to SELECT ALL THAT APPLYA. “encourage the client’s self-expressionB.establish rapport with the nurseobtain narrative informationobtain short, one-word answersE.ensure that the client/nurse is neutral4. A client reports to the nurse that they have had abdominal pain for the past week. Whatwould be the nurse’s best response to this statement?A.”We will talk more about that later in the interview.”B.”Can you point to where it hurts?”C.”What have you had to eat in the last 24 hours?”D.”Have you ever had any surgeries on your abdomen?”5. Which of the following findings represents subjective data that the nurse obtainedfrom the client regarding the patient’s headache?A.Pupils equal and reactive to light and accommodationB.Clear speechC.Pulsatile pain to templesD.Normal affect6. When performing a nutritional assessment, which technique by the nurse would best screenfor nutritional deficits?A. BMI measurementB.24-hour recallC. food compositionD. triceps skinfold measurements

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