7) Four lobster species (1, 2, 3 and 4) are related by the following species tree phylogeny shaded in gray. A gene

Posted: December 30th, 2021

3] Four lobster species [L 2. 3 and 4} are related by the followlng species tree phylogeny shaded Ingray. A gene duplication of the LIDWB-l receptor occurred in the phylogeny, leading to both 9 and 1′ forms in two of the descendant species With a single ortholog g in the two other species. Ifa biologist sequenced only a single sequence of these related genes from each species, which ofthe following cases would result in a CORRECT inference of the TIMING of the duplication et-‘ent’:I -“:“ R141 and 3: ends: ands;R151 and 1*: andgsandmR3. at: and g: and g; and orR4. 1!: and r; and g3 and g… R1 and R2 and RS and R4R3 and R4 R1 and R4 R1 and R3 None of the above oer-F’s»

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